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Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

Flora and Fauna Survey of North Head

We conducted a all season field survey of the flora and fauna on North Head for the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust including a series of maps and a detailed description of the plant species, populations and communities and their distribution with a focus on threatened species.
The field survey of North Head used a variety of techniques including formal quadrat sampling, extensive opportunistic species identification, aerial photograph interpretation and targeted searches for threatened species.

The fauna field surveys used a variety of techniques including hair tube traps, bird surveys (visual and aural), spotlighting, ultrasonic bat call detection, call playback, targeted reptile and frog searches (both nocturnal and diurnal), interviews for anecdotal evidence and the gathering of other evidence of use of the study site by fauna (scats, pellets, bones, tracks, nests, dreys etc.).

A total of 135 fauna species are recorded. Fauna of particular conservation significance include Grey-Headed Flying Fox, Eastern Bentwing-bat, Powerful Owl, Barking Owl and the endangered populations of Long-Nosed Bandicoots and Little Penguins.

586 plant species were recorded. Four (4) threatened plant species listed in the NSW TSC Act 1995 and/or EPBC Act 1999 was recorded. The field survey distinguished 18 vegetation types including the endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub ecological community.

Management recommendations address issues such as fire management, pest animal control, threatened fauna species management, management of areas with high conservation value and habitat enhancement.

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