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Retirement Village – 6 year project requiring a package of environmental assessment and management tools

Lakesire environmental rehabilitationWe have been involved in an on-going project at the Greenhaven Retirement Village, which is part of the RSL Veterans’ Retirement Village. New units are being developed on this site. A large amount of bushland was cleared to accommodate the new buildings. Our main objective is to monitor and maintain the ecological aspects of the site during construction.

Prior to clearing we prepared a Forest Management Plan and Bushland Management Plan. We then prepared a Weed control strategy and a Water control strategy for the development site. We also introduced a Bushland Works Manual to help monitor and maintain the bush surrounding the development site. We also completed a report to protect and monitor the endangered plant Pimelea curviflora var, curviflora.

The Bushland Works Manual describes works that are to occur to protect, maintain, improve and monitor the ecological values on, and adjacent to, the Greenhaven Retirement Village, part of the RSL Veterans’ Retirement Village as required by Conditions of Consent. The Bushland Works Manual includes general requirements for the endangered Swamp Sclerophyll Forest on Coastal Floodplains (SSFCF) and the monitoring of ground water levels.