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Flora and Fauna Survey of Manly Councils Bushland Reserves

Geko Foot Manly bushlands reserverWe conducted a survey of Manly Councils 36 Bushland Reserves to assist in Manly Council’s strategic planning for the management of its bushland areas (including weed control and bush regeneration). Manly Council had insufficient information about: the natural assets and the environmental problems that occur in its reserves. They needed appropriate management actions for each reserve, how much effort was required and which reserves were a higher priority for remedial works.

The lack of information made it impossible for managers to make accurate, appropriate or justifiable decisions about conserving the native vegetation, providing habitat to ensure the survival of species and populations, assessing the impact of DA’s and bushfire hazard reduction proposals and effectively controlling invasive weed species.
This report describes the flora and fauna, environmental features, weed infestation, vegetation communities, habitats and conservation value of 36 bushland reserves under the care and control of Manly Council. In addition, detailed management recommendations for each reserve are provided.

Kangaroo in Manly bushlands reserve during ecological surveyThe 36 Bushland reserves comprise an area of approximately 50 hectares. Individual reserves range in size from 0.035 to 7.08 hectares. A total of 103 animal and 639 plants were recorded during the four season survey. This included 3 vulnerable animal species (TSC Act 1995), 2 endangered animal populations, 1 endangered plant species (TSC Act 1995, EPBC Act 1999) and 3 vulnerable plant species (TSC Act 1995, EPBC Act 1999). Four major vegetation types dominate the bushland reserves and within these a further 10 minor communities were distinguished. A set of recommendations for each reserve are included in the report.